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The company plans to build welfare for the future towards social thinking. The strategy is based on ISO 26000 on social responsibility, but the company promotes that society develops in a sustainable way in harmony with the environment.

It is expected that companies, institutions and non-governmental organizations that want to rely on the ISO 26000 standard adapt the guidelines to their own work environment, as the criteria take into account different cultures and professions. 

Social responsibility includes

  • management of a company/institution

  • human rights and minority groups

  • labor and work environment

  • environmental issues

  • fair trade practices

  • of consumer affairs

  • community participation and development


Our mission is to develop, manufacture, distribute and market premium raw materials in the most profitable manner for owners, customers and other stakeholders.

The company cares about its staff and customers and ensures that the company's processes are always in accordance with the quality system. The company's service level is regularly measured among its customers and employees, and the quality system is reviewed annually by the company's owners and managers.

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