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Our policy is to produce, service and always fulfill customer expectations and that the company always delivers the agreed quality at the agreed time and also maintains good relations.


The management structure of the company is based on efficient and positive communication and relationships with customers. Business contracts are always correct, fair and in accordance with the needs of customers. 


The company has developed an environmental policy as well as working according to the ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 quality standards, where all employees are actively involved in constantly improving the quality system. 


ISO 22000 aims to ensure that the utmost hygiene is maintained, i.e. from the reception of raw materials to production and sale, to establish rules of engagement for employees whose aim is to guide the proper handling of food and to establish adequate pest control.


The management of Farmers Bistro has defined the mission and formulated the strategy of the company. A new quality system has been implemented in cooperation with all the company's staff, who have received satisfactory introduction and training in order to achieve the set common goals.

The management structure of the company is based on efficient and positive communication and relationships with customers, and the company has developed a strategy to work according to the ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 quality standards, where all employees actively participate in constantly working to improve the quality system.

It is the company's policy that the activities always comply with the official requirements that apply to the company's operation at all times.


Be visible in quality matters!

The company bases its operations on ISO 9001:2015, ISO 22000 and streamline management in which all employees must participate as one person. You are therefore a key player in that role and without you it is not possible to maintain a good quality system. So don't leave it up to you to do things as well as possible.


The result of a good quality management system increases customer and employee satisfaction and increases the company's competitiveness. It strengthens its trust and prevents mistakes and waste in all operations.


Various control sheets have been implemented, which is an active part of the quality system, as well as the deviation report is being used for all the deviations that may occur in the work. You will at some point need to fill out a variation report so please be proactive as soon as possible.


When we talk about deviations, it is all the things that go wrong in the workplace, such as when a product is wrongly delivered, a complaint is received from a customer, a machine breaks down, packaging is damaged, raw materials are damaged or even something that you think could be done better. . 

fcuriosity - knowledge - experience

— The value of the company


The company is dedicated to working towards green thinking by reducing the use of paper through electronic accounting and sorting all waste. The environmental policy is based on ISO 14001 and its aim is to promote environmental protection and pollution prevention.

ISO 14001 is an international standard for environmental management systems. This standard helps companies reduce negative environmental impacts, comply with laws and regulations, and work towards continuous improvement and pollution minimization. 

All cleaning agents are environmentally friendly and a special cleaning agent list is used to minimize any contamination.


"Let's think before we throw away".  All waste must be classified in the following way:

  • Bottles and cans

  • Cardboard and sheets

  • Plastic

  • Energy bin - mixed waste

The company monitors the use of fuel and waste in order to minimize waste.


The company's goal is to have competent, motivated and well-trained employees who are able to take responsibility and show initiative in their work and thus can actively participate in the development of the company. All employees are involved in quality issues.

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