Organically grown mushrooms

We cultivate three varieties of mushrooms. White mushrooms, brown chestnut and portobello mushrooms and we harvest about 11 tons per week from six cabins.

Flúðasveppir produces its own organic substrate, the soil in which the mushrooms are grown in.  We mix both corn and elephant straw, which we grow on our land in Hvítárholt, and chicken manure from nearby farms in South Iceland.

Water is blended with all of these raw materials, and the mixture is left to compost for three weeks. Pure Icelandic water is the key factor in compost-making.  When the substrate is ready, mushroom spores are added and growing begins. Mushrooms grows about 4% per hour.

Mushroom-growing produces a by-product of 60 tons of compost per week  and it is mixed with Icelandic peat and Hekla pumice to make excellent potting soil (Flúðamold) for growing vegetables, flowers and trees.

The mushrooms are hand-picked, sorted and packed according to customers’ instructions and send to market every day.

Mushroom-cultivation is exacting work using only Icelandic raw materials.