“We all know what mushrooms are,
but not everyone knows how they grow”
— Farmers Bistro

Farmers Bistro is located in the beautiful surroundings of Flúðir which has been a popular destination for domestic and foreign tourists as there is always great weather here. The municipal area is home to 800 people, smack dab in the middle of the Golden Circle

Farmers Bistro was founded by Georg and Emma in order to offer food from the region.  Georg operates two firms;

Flúðasveppir, the only mushroom farm in Iceland

and one of the largest horticulture farm called Flúða-Jörfi.  Flúðasveppir produces both white and chestnut mushrooms, and at Flúða-Jörfi, we grow bell-peppers and tomatoes in greenhouses. At Georg’s farm, Hvítárholt, Flúða-Jörfi also cultivates cauliflowers, broccoli, cabbage, red cabbage, kale and carrots outdoors. We also grow the fresh herbs used at Farmers Bistro. 


Our hallmark is to introduce and promote our mushroom and bell-pepper cultivation

Groups are able to visit our mushroom farm and get a short introduction.

Groups can book an introduction through booking@farmersbistro.is

On the menu at Farmers Bistro we present the fascinating world of mushroom, bell-peppers and other vegetables we grow on our farm.

We also offer groups to book a tour of the mushroom farm and a dinner outside traditional opening hours. 


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